SPOILER FREE Beauty and the Beast Review

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I’m a huge believer in “no spoilers” so here is my SPOILER FREE Beauty and the Beast review 💖✨I will be mentioning actors names and basic plot points (from the original 1991) so if you’re against knowing ANYTHING about either film, I will gladly welcome you back when you’ve watched one of them. Preferably 1991 animated first.

If you haven’t already seen the film, I insist you watch it. I will literally beg. I think every being on this earth has to at least watch the beginning (because if that Prologue piano piece doesn’t do it for you, I don’t know what will)… A basic understanding of the film is needed to appreciate this review so I’ll just give a little background (hopefully this isn’t a spoiler for you). Bill Condon’s ‘tale as old as time’ is revolved around a girl, Belle, in her provincial town in France, and a prince-turned-beast who lives in a castle a little ways past the village. Long story short, it’s a cute little romance about looking past a person’s appearance (because obviously one of them is a hairy beast with horns) and it’s fantastic.

I’m gonna start off by saying that the film, for me, was so well casted. I was nervous for Emma Watson to portray Belle and I was freaking out that the Beast would be lame and I was just scared of the whole film, I’ll admit. Disney remakes are a scary thing. They take such important things from your childhood and there’s a big chance they’ll butcher it completely and ruin that tiny glimmer of hope in your life that is Disney. But alas! Unlike Alice in Wonderland (that movie really didn’t do it for me), Beauty and the Beast was a success! It was so accurate and answered so many questions of the original film that just weren’t going to fit in the hour fifty it was given. The Beast was beautiful and Dan Stevens did an amazing job! Josh Gad was my favourite. I thought he was adorable and fun and Gaston… Well Gaston was Gaston; incredible as always. No one’s slick as Gaston – props to Luke Evans.

Beauty and the Beast cast (from left to right): Audra McDonald (Madame de Garderobe), Luke Evans (Gaston), Dan Stevens (Beast), Emma Watson (Belle), Josh Gad (Lefou), Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Plumette). 

As for Emma Watson, she was absolutely breathtaking. Her singing made me cry (I didn’t even know she could sing) and the ballroom scene (if you didn’t know about the famous dance scene, you’ve definitely been living under a rock, I’m sorry) was beautiful. Emma Watson should wear yellow way more than she does.

There were quite a few moments that were new to the plot and they were surprising but nothing less than wonderful. I won’t touch on those because I don’t want to spoil anything, but I’m just saying, you have nothing to fear, don’t worry! As for the original story line, script and songs, the resemblance was on point. They remade everything so perfectly, not straying too far away, but just far enough to add their own flair. It was so magical. Honestly, that’s the only word that can describe what I was watching (twice I might add, I couldn’t resist seeing it a second time). The scenery was perfect, the town was exactly as I had hoped, and the castle!!!! Don’t get me started on that castle… honestly perfect. The music was also incredible, Alan Menken did not disappoint. I’m actually so glad they used the same composer, and they even added a few of his songs that got removed the original animated film. All in all, this movie was everything I had hoped for and more. If you’re considering taking young children to watch it with you, I would advise warning them about a few scary facials from the Beast, and a few battles that may be a bit scary as well, but there were plenty of children in the cinema when I went so there isn’t too much to worry about.

Beauty and the Beast cast (from left to right): Ewan McGregor (Lumiere), Ian McKellen (Cogsworth), Emma Thompson (Mrs Potts)

There is plenty of comedy to even it out though, if not overtake. I don’t believe anyone could sit through the film without having at least one chuckle, even if you feel the need to cover it with a cough. The chemistry between all the characters was fantastic, Gaston and Lefou in particular. The characters living in the castle were so classic and I could not have asked for a better cast.

If you couldn’t already tell, I DEFINITELY recommend watching this unless you absolutely despise musicals which in that case, wait until it’s on DVD, mute it and just read subtitles because this is a must-see. I’m obsessed with this film and I went home and played the soundtrack on repeat for a few days, it’s so good. There is not one thing I don’t like about this film so I’m gonna have to give it a 10/10. Be Our Guest was great, keep an eye out for sneaky dance references! Let me know if you’ve seen and what your thoughts are!!

Love as always, stay magical and keep dreaming

Tink ✨


The Beginning

Welcome! To both myself, and anyone who happens to stumble across my very new little baby: Dream With Disney.

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Can I just, say something crazy? I’m Disney OBSESSED. No joke, I live and breathe anything created by Walt, and I will probably also die Disney. My funeral will probably just be playing When She Loved Me by Sarah McLachlan from Toy Story 2 on repeat, I’m honestly willing to place money on it. So, now that we all understand that I am a Disney fan, we can begin.

For my first post, I thought I would just introduce myself a little, and maybe discuss what I’m even doing here. I’m going to remain anonymous for a period of time, not because I’m embarrassed about my addiction passion for animated classics, but I just wanted to trial blogging and I would just prefer to do that without a name – I guess I’ll call myself Tink. So, without further ado, welcome to a world of dreams and let’s get started.

I decided a few days ago to start this blog because I was inspired by a beautiful friend of mine who opened up and created a space where she could write poetry pieces about herself and her mental state. I thought a blog would be a great idea to express myself through my love of Disney (because let’s be real, that’s the only thing I care about) so, here I am! I have absolutely no idea if this will turn out well, or if I’ll even last a month, hell even a week… My biggest fear is that I’ll appear too similar to other Disney blogs, and as much as this is really just a space for me to write about my passions and collect my thoughts in one place, it would be awful if you all saw me in a negative light instead of positive. So let’s all hope that doesn’t happen. Now I’m just going to say it, my blog looks boring as hell right now. My fonts suck, my layout is simple, and that’s the bad simple, not the cute sophisticated simple, and I currently have one post (obviously). But it will get better, please just bear with me!

I’m nineteen years old, I work as a receptionist in the best kick ass clinic ever, and I’m hoping to study next year to become a high school teacher. My classroom will definitely be peppered with subtle Disney quotes and decor… or maybe not-so-subtle, not gonna lie. My favourite Disney movie is Peter Pan hands down, even though Peter’s an asshole and Wendy’s annoying, but we can overlook that. I could probably quote The Lion King from start to finish. I hate Chicken Little and Cars more than I hate getting shampoo in my eye, which is a lot. I’ve never been to a Disney park which breaks my heart, but I don’t live in the United States. I love Disney cats, I think they’re the cutest little things, especially Yzma. I’m claustrophobic. I’m terrible at saving money. My favourite villain is Hades, followed closely by Yzma (if you can’t tell, I think Yzma is great). I like Winter more than Summer. I’ve watched Moana so many times I lost count. I’m snuggling with my cat right now and he’s really cute. His name is really embarrassing because I named him when I was 11, so he can be anonymous too. Let’s call him…Mochi (you know, from Big Hero 6, everyone knows that…duh) and lastly, I really really REALLY like Pizza.

Great, now we know a little more about each other (I mean, I’m assuming you can relate to at least one of those things, unless of course you’re favourite thing is being blinded by shampoo, in which case, please leave, you can’t be trusted). I hope this was entertaining for you, and I promise I’ll be more interesting as the posting continues.

Stay magical and keep dreaming,

Tink ✨